BRock's Gemstones Bracelet

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BRock’s Gemstones Bracelet

Pixiu Dragon, Swarovski Pearls Genuine Gemstone Bracelet.

Crystal Jewelry Stretch Bracelet.

Healing Bracelet

Pi Xiu is a symbol to protect lucky, wealth, good fortune and happiness will company with you. It is believed to bring fortune, good tidings and protection to his owner. The pixiu bracelet provides a minimum of six blessings as follows: Conducts good luck and fortune. Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck.

Swarovski Pearl consists of a crystal core covered with a silky coating, that perfectly imitates the surface of real pearl.

Swarovski crystals indicates a collaboration with all things we perceive. And this means a rare form of unity. Wearing glass crystals represents transformation for obvious reasons as for the way that they are created. It also represents rebirth, focus and communication.

*These bracelets are not used to cure or treat any illness or disease.

Dimensions: 7 inches

Beads 10 mm